Pete Kupprion BS, Soma Trainer, has been helping discerning New Yorkers transform their bodies and optimize their health for over 25 years. A graduate of The College of New Jersey with a specialty in exercise science, Pete has developed a unique understanding of the integration of the systems of the body. 

Pete also understands the minds of highly focused and goal oriented individuals. For many years, top hedge fund, money managers and financial services executives have relied on Pete to help them achieve maximum results in the minimum amount of time. Several of these intensely motivated clients have had Pete set up private training facilities within their company headquarters to train their key staff members.

In addition to studying under the world's top strength and conditioning coaches, Pete has also studied Soma Training under the world-renowned osteopath, Guy Voyer, DO. Some of his specialties are ELDOA (spinal stretching exercises), myofascial stretching, pompage (pumping of the joints to speed healing and recovery) and GPS (Global Postural Stretching). He is one of an elite group of trainers worldwide who are qualified to incorporate these techniques into their training systems. Pete has developed a proprietary training system called The KOOP Strength Method, that holistically integrates all of his clinical practical and therapeutic knowledge and training for the benefit of his discerning clientele.