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KO-OP by KOOP Strength & Wellness is a personal training gym designed and equipped to create the most effective and efficient training environment for our clients as well as our professional trainers. Our training floor is equipped with individual fully equipped training pods ensuring that your professional trainer has the equipment that they need at their fingertips, resulting in an efficient and effective training experience.

In addition to individual training pods, we have fully equipped private shower rooms as opposed to locker rooms for an upscale and efficient post-workout experience should you need to get ready for work or a night out on the town after your training session.

At KO-OP, Our community of trainers are all degreed, experienced and certified in various specialties including but not limited to the areas of:

Physique Transformation

Look Better Naked!!

Would you like a body that attracts attention - in a good way??

Our tailored training programs work like “Rocket-Fuel” to improve your physique, make you look and feel better -quickly!

Take a look at this quick video that shows you how to get the most from your work-outs!

Request your FREE – 3 exercises for a tighter, flatter mid-section

Corrective Exercise and Rehabilitation

Have you jumped into exercise programs only to have old injuries or back and neck pain stop you in your tracks?

What if we could show you a way to overcome that issue, once and for-all as opposed to working through the pain?

Our trainers will create a customized program, just for you, that will help alleviate any issues from previous injury.

Request your FREE – “Techniques for Overcoming injuries and Eliminate Pain”

Training and Conditioning

Not feeling as young as you use to? Get back your top form, quickly!

Training and conditioning are central to overall health and fitness. But they don’t have to be simply drudgery!

Our trainers specialize in creating plans specifically designed for each client to maximize the benefit of their work-outs and to gain and maintain optimum health and wellness.

Request your FREE – 3 Power Tips to Get the Most out of your workout

Flexibility and Mobility Training

Your not as young as you used to be! 

Curious about how flexibility and mobility training can help you age gracefully and move freely and eliminate pain?

What if a simple assessment of your current range of motion and flexibility could result in feeling better, healthier, and more fit without a lot of extra effort?

By reducing physical stress and slowing the aging process, we empower you to age gracefully and move with ease.

Our trainers are specialists in assessing range of motion and posture, then designing a specialized program for stretching and movement that helps slow the aging process.

Request your FREE Video on –  The  ultimate stretch for your hips!

Sport Specific Training

Up Your Game!

Whatever your sport or activity is, we can help you become better at it!

Our trainers will create a customized plan for you, that will help you improve your ability, flexibility, and stamina, in your sport or activity.

Request your FREE Video on – “How to improve Thoracic rotation for golf and racquet sports"

Endurance Training

Working to get ready for that marathon??

Are you sure you’re going to be ready on time?? Are you curious about how endurance training can prepare you for races like marathons, triathlons, or cycling events?

Getting ready for any big sporting event takes planning and focus. If you feel you don’t have that focus, we can help!

Prepare for victory at KOOP Strength & Wellness, where our tailored endurance training programs empower you to succeed. With a customized training schedule and expert coaching, we guide you through the finish line, ensuring you’re ready for marathons, triathlons, cycling races, and more.

Request your FREE Video on – “Three Things You can Do –Right Now, to prepare for your event”

As a client of KO-OP, you will be paired with a training professional with the knowledge and skillset to conquer your goals in the shortest time possible.