The fascial system is a network of many different types of tissue with various functions throughout the human body.

We have fascia that encase and connect groups of muscles. We have fascia that hold all of our organs in place. Our tendons and ligaments are also a form of fascia. Fascia is what really makes our musculoskeletal system, in fact, a system.
The significance of fascial treatment is misunderstood. In 1979, Ida Rolf brought to America a technique to relieve pressure in the fascia (known as “Rolfing”), but over the last 25 years Guy Voyer, DO, of Marseilles, France has been developing special stretching techniques that focus on the fascia of every major muscle group in the body.
Myofascial stretching, or massage, can be used to help correct dysfunction and relieve pains caused by traumatized tissue after automobile collisions and athletic injuries. Other forms of stretching focus solely on a specific muscle rather than the entire dysfunctional system. The dysfunctional system may involve several muscles and connective tissue, as well as the fascial container that surrounds them.

As the body ages, stretching becomes a critical need for optimal performance and wellness—not to mention injury prevention. Our Founder, Pete Kupprion, trained with the venerable Guy Voyer himself and has taken the fundamentals and best practices of this technique to the trainers at KOOP Strength & Wellness to help ensure the success of our clients’ exercise and fitness regimens. We are committed to optimizing those regimens—resulting in a higher performing clients with increased energy.

We look at the body holistically to make sure we are not just working on the aesthetic aspects of our clients’ bodies, but also their structure, and internal systems. Staying hydrated, following sound exercise principles, and maintaining a balanced fascial system can lead to a substantially healthier lifestyle and a more positive outlook toward life.